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Who can say more about a project than the people for whom the project is intended? MAD impact is a research, training and consultancy company with a special approach to impact issues.

For us, impact is about people and change. What exactly do you want to change? And for whom? Which approach do you chose and how do you know this is best? Does your approach match specific questions from the target group? Can you monitor and evaluate the results in such a way that all those involved benefit from it? And, how do you use what you have learned to make the organization even more valuable?

MAD impact works for and with non-profit organizations and social enterprises. We use a wide range of qualitative and quantitative (research) methods, whereby the client, the operational staff and the target group are involved as much as possible in all phases of the process. Obtained insights are from and for everyone, so that learning and improving will automatically follow. Planning, monitoring and evaluating (PME) can be fun and meaningful when those involved have become curious and inspired.

MAD stands for Making A Difference, because that is our mission: to contribute, to show solidarity, to make this a better world. Our strength lies in an open attitude, asking questions, interpreting, analyzing, critical thinking, making connections and structuring. Preferably we go off the beaten path, with our feet in the mud. Where necessary, we show leadership, we teach and we take people along. We live from the heart, in contact with ourselves and others.

Clients said about us:

Hard-working and creative professionals with a big heart for the cause, that is MAD impact. They immediately detected the bottlenecks and designed an impact measurement that fits seamlessly with our educational project. In addition to providing overview and structure, they also create a pleasant working atmosphere. “Arja Oomkens, ASKV Refugee Support Center